l'Ordonnance-Another Gem in the 14th

Near the intersection of avenue de Maine and the rue d'Alesia, at 51 rue Hallé is l'Ordonnance, a neighborhood restaurant the has us returning week after week. A family run operation, it fills with couples and friends of all ages.


The grey exterior with yellow trim is a pleasant site that begs you come inside to its cosy dining rooms. This is a menu on the chalkboard place, and on my first visit, I had the perfect lunch. The daily menu was inviting. but I wanted to look at the "carte" also to see their every day selections.

The entreé was couteaux (razor clams). I am not fond of clams, but the main course on the daily menu was one of my favorites, the quasi (pronounced kasi) de veau, a little veal tenderloin, in this case cooked with shiitaké mushrooms and served with a creamy risotto.

On the carte, which has their every day selections, I was intrigued by the "purée de champignons en duxelles, oeuf poché et ventrèche grillée". It was a lot of French words for a simple and delightful dish, essentially, diced, cooked and puréed mushrooms topped by a poached egg and grilled bacon-more like a pancetta.
Only photos could do them justice.

Purée de champignons

Quasi de veau

I love desserts made with figs. They are never too sweet. This day's was a fig tart with fig sorbet. it was delicious.

At 32 Euros for three courses, this wonderful meal would have cost 3 or 4 times as much elsewhere.

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